Thyroid Recovery Series: Why you need more than thyroid medication to support thyroid function

Are you relying solely on medication to treat your symptoms?  Ask yourself if you really think all of the medications that you’re taking are actually making your body functional or healthy.  Is it really fixing your symptoms? Maybe you keep getting your thyroid medication dosage increased but the good feeling you had when you first started taking your thyroid medication is no longer there. You may always need your thyroid medication but what do you do to take care of the increasing symptoms that won’t go away no matter how much thyroid medication you throw at it?

After testing with functional ranges and being put on a plan- then, as we test you, and we’re treating you and we’re retesting you, you’re bound to improve. Eventually you can go back to your medical doctor and you can ask him to decrease the dosage of your medication.

We want to work at getting to the cause of your problem.  We want to reverse your symptoms.  We want to get the root cause and take care of that which will, in turn, take care of many of your thyroid symptoms!


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Lisa August 17, 2014 at 1:24 am

W ordering if you can mail me a DVD … I live in Canada ..


p August 29, 2014 at 8:40 pm

You can now access the complete full length workshop online! We have put it up on this site. You can access it here:
Or look at the top tabs ^

Thank you for your interest!


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