Thyroid Recovery Series: Thyroid & Autoimmunity

The number one cause of hypothyroidism is an autoimmune thyroid, and there has to be a reason why your body is attacking your thyroid, and that’s what we’re going to address in this Treatment Success Secret.  There are certain tests that need to be run on the thyroid, not just a TSH or a free T3 or a free T4, but there are specific antibodies called TPO and TGB antibodies.  If these antibodies are positive, you have an autoimmune thyroid.  My guess is that your doctor has not run these two tests.

Now there are many other tests that need to be run for the thyroid, but these are the two big ones to determine if you have an autoimmune thyroid.  And if you’re autoimmune, you have to find out why you are autoimmune.  Remember, I said there are two parts to your immune system, TH1 and TH2.  They need to work in balance.  If one is dominant or working harder than the other, it’s usually because there’s something called an active antigen.  And what is an active antigen?  It can be a parasite.  It can be a virus, bacteria, mold or fungi.  It can be a food protein, such as gluten (the protein in wheat, barley or rye) or casein (milk protein).

Your immune system could become imbalanced because of dysregulation due to hormonal surges and/or extreme stress.  Blood sugar problems and/or chronic inflammation and/or high cortisol levels can all cause your immune system to run amuck.

How do you know if you’re autoimmune?  How do you know if your immune system is attacking your body?  Well…we just talked about the fact that we run tests to see if you have an autoimmune thyroid or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, specifically TPO and TGB antibodies, along with the immune panels, but the reality is…most people know that they’re autoimmune just from the fact that they may already suffer from a current autoimmune disorder such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, Sjorgen’s syndrome, scleroderma, and/or lupus.

Another way that people will know if they’re autoimmune is that their symptoms may wax and wane.  Symptoms that wax and wane are a sure sign the you are most likely suffering from an autoimmune condition.

The third way that they will know if a patient’s autoimmune is they will come in with a basket of supplements, I mean a truck-load.  I’ve had people bring in so many bottles of supplements it wasn’t funny.  In many cases, the supplements that they are taking were actually making them worse!

Number four…their life fell apart after they got sick.  That’s how they know they’re autoimmune.  They’ve been to 12 or 15 or 20 different doctors and they have a stack of medical records sky high all because it’s an undiagnosed autoimmune condition.

They may develop an autoimmune condition following a pregnancy.  Usually, woman are TH2 dominant in the third trimester and TH1 dominant postpartum.

And finally, as I’ve mentioned, there’s positive testing via the immune panels and TPO and TGB antibodies.  You see, your immune system is designed to protect you.  When your immune system runs amuck, it starts attacking different parts of your body, and it’s important to know that once you realize you have an autoimmune condition, you need to get checked, and you need to manage that autoimmune condition.

If you have not made your appointment after watching the DVD please do so! You will discover the breakthrough treatment program that has helped many who were suffering just like you! If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired take action to change your life today!


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